Quinn Wasaki

I’m Quinn (wasaki) the name comes from the Swahili meaning "the enemy". I called myself the enemy because I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my life and I can’t blame anybody but myself. I’ve felt like I have been the enemy on the other end of a lot of situations in my life, that’s how I developed my persona. I’ve been rapping since about the 6th grade, it’s always been apart of my life through my uncle and father. I started taking it more seriously after my first year of college. I didn't want to live with, what ifs or any regrets. So, I moved from Cleveland with a close friend to San Diego for about 4 months on a navy base pursuing my rap dreams. His uncle was in the Navy and he let us live there rent free until he found out he was getting deployed. In those 4 months I was broke and couldn’t afford studio time, I recorded all of my songs on my phone in a closet, it was very difficult for me to produce a song, but I was still able to though. Once I finally got a show, my car broke down…I couldn’t even get groceries. It was a long broke 4 months, but gave me inspiration and hunger. I then moved to Columbus, Ohio with another close friend, whom I’m currently living with, who has been helping on me on my music goals. We share the same mindset and vision. We’ve been developing a plan for the music to propel us in the right direction. It took a lot of watching and learning and mistakes in this journey that helped me write my art. I’ve just released my first official project "Wasaki" September 16, 2016. Nine tracks, the mixtape took 7 months to complete. I named the mixtape Wasaki because I feel like I expressed a lot of things, how I was the enemy, and how my emotions changed through this process. 

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