My name is Caylain aka Wassi. I’ve always been lost in life not knowing what I want to do with my life. Even with my time spent in school, I never felt like that was were I was suppose to be, I can’t see myself working a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life, especially for someone else. Wassi is derived from the Swahili language and means rebel. I always oppose higher authority figures above me because I never believe another being other than GOD himself can dictate my thoughts, actions, or overall lifestyle. My 2016 had its ups and an enormous amount of downs, but through all the adversity I did realize my purpose in life or what I wanted to do with my life at least. My goal is to be my own boss and build something that would change the lives of my family and friends. Superthrowed is what allows me to chase this dream because of the talent and the people that it brought into my life. I’ve always seen the vision with my brother (Quinn Wasaki) and always believed in his art, the reason I told him I was going to manage, him even though I hadn’t a clue on how I was going to accomplish that, but I’m always willing to learn new things. So, above all I took it as a challenge to myself and continue to push myself into positions that I never thought I would be in, to get me out of my comfort zone. The only way we succeed is if we push ourselves beyond our breaking point.